What do you mean ‘no?’ I am and I’ve had my world rocked with the arrival of my precious little Luna! A lot of people said to me prior to the birth that having children changes your life and like many mums-to-be I was in the ‘how hard can it be’ club but I have most definitely changed my tune! The thing is though, I’ve made a conscious effort not to waste any time worrying about it.

Are You Wasting Time Thinking Too Much?

At one point or another, we’ve all been guilty of thinking too much. Call it over-thinking or call it being extra-cautious, we’ve all done it. I’ve just booked our first summer holiday and instead of worrying about if I’m taking enough shoes or if I’ve got strong enough sun cream for Luna, I’m thinking about all the exciting activities we’re going to do together.

Don’t waste time worrying about it. Just enjoy it!

I’ve Got My Sense Of Freedom Back!

It hasn’t been easy trying to get my pre-pregnancy body back given the parenting chores I now factor into my day. Also, the aches are still there, but that sense of freedom and that feeling of regaining control over my life is a much needed breath of spring air that keeps my lungs pumping through those exhausting moments of parenthood – and we all know there are plenty of those particular moments!

I’m back rock climbing and Luna is at swimming classes. I’ve got my sense of freedom back.

Through all this, you – my wonderful clients – have kept knocking on my (literal and metaphorical) door, helping to carry me through. Thank you for trusting in me that I can do it!

Skinny Rich Coach Talks Dating…Again!

It’s no coincidence that as we are knocking on the door of summer, dating advice is the most requested dish on the delicious Skinny Rich Coach menu. With that in mind, I have been concentrating on collaborations that will help you to get your summer dating off to a stellar start or to get that much-needed gusto back into your relationship.

We started with nothing less than discussing what cheating really means and you can read it in the pages of Pick Me Up! magazine.

In a piece for www.lasttaboo.co.uk, we made a point of mentioning that men are not just used for sperm donation as well as the converse point that women are not simply receptacles for a penis. You can read my stunning revelation here.

Once we firmly established where each sex stands, I teamed up with Yours Magazine and they generously provided me with a double page spread to share my expertise on overcoming shyness and improving your confidence.

For a healthier, more enjoyable and dare I say more fun sex life, I have again teamed up with Last Taboo and this little read will make a massive difference to spicing it up in the bedroom (or wherever else in the house tickles your fancy!)

Yes I Know, More Dating Stuff…

Dating, dating, dating, is that all I ever go on about? Well the answer right now is yes because it’s such a hot topic. Can you think of anything better than a barefoot walk on the beach at sundown with the man or woman you love? What about that tingling anticipation as you get back to the hotel and up in the lift….You don’t want to know how you can get that? Of course you do!

Actually, back to reality for a minute but there are those who need to remove toxic people from their lives in order to improve dating and relationships. Are you one of them? Could be a jealous ex, a jealous or clingy friend, a colleague or even a family member standing in the way of you finding love but whoever it is, you know what to do. Take my advice. Come and see me for a one-to-one session. I’ll tell you exactly how to get the job done.

There was a good article in The New Day newspaper that I contributed to on exactly that. Did you see it?

It didn’t stop there either! I even got to share my opinion on dear old Madge in the Daily Star. The things I do to keep my name next to the rich and famous!

What’s Next?

Well, I’m doing what I do best, working with my clients. Make sure you book your sessions quickly – in fact follow this link and do it now before you forget – because I’m getting inundated and the pre-summer slots are filling up fast.

For all my press and session updates, follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. That way, you’ll be the first to know! I’m doing more and more work in the printed press and magazines so the way to find out what I’m up to and where my sound advice is, is by following me on social media.

On that note, it’s time to go. My life has been changed and as always, my courses are available if you want to change yours. It may well be the best call you ever make.

Olga – The Skinny Rich Coach