I’ll Be There For You, ‘Cause You’re There For Me Too….

Hi everyone, and welcome to your summertime shortened newsletter (I’d rather you were out there meeting people, having fun and enjoying life than indoors reading, but read it first…!). The weather is getting warmer (finally), the pedicures have been done, the flip-flops are out and it’s time to enjoy summer with friends, which brings me nicely on to the topic of this month’s newsletter – friends; your friends, you as a friend and how to handle friendships. Before we get there, here’s a little treat from the Daily Mail (yes I know, [...]

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Are You Ready For Summer?

What do you mean ‘no?’ I am and I’ve had my world rocked with the arrival of my precious little Luna! A lot of people said to me prior to the birth that having children changes your life and like many mums-to-be I was in the ‘how hard can it be’ club but I have most definitely changed my tune! The thing is though, I’ve made a conscious effort not to waste any time worrying about it. Are You Wasting Time Thinking Too Much? At one point or another, we’ve all been [...]

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St. Valentine’zzzzzzzzzz……..

Happy New Year everyone! I know, I know, I’m a month late and it’s already February but I promise I’ve got a cast-iron excuse! As you’ll have read in every single magazine – women’s and men’s – this month and last, the start of the year is a time for a new you and they tell you to battle your demons, to do what you want to do and to take back control of your life but they are the same articles regurgitated year after year telling us the same stuff. The [...]

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Does Christmas Make You Happy Or Sad?

Good afternoon everyone! It’s cold and grey and the weathermen say it’s going to stay cold and grey but that’s not going to stop you from reaching your goals is it? No it most certainly isn’t. This time of year can be a blessing and a curse for some but we’ll get to that as you read on but this newsletter is talking about bondage sex, meditation, exciting projects (watch this space) and more… Fifty Shades of Grey or Last Tango In Paris? Let’s start with work. In November I was doing [...]

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What’s The Story? Female Glory!

Since the last newsletter, so many amazing things have happened I can barely keep up! First and most importantly, you will be delighted to know that I am running my Fertility workshop on Tuesday 17th November (at last I hear you say!) It’s been designed for women who want to or are planning to conceive in the near future. You can read more about it here and you can also book your place. Put simply, it’s for women who have experienced difficulty in falling pregnant and we are going to try and [...]

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The Write Stuff Competition

I have been working on it for the last few months, I’ve taken in all your amazing comments, suggestions and feedback and I have to say I am over the moon with how it’s turned out. Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be keeping you informed, up to date – and, occasionally, entertained – with everything that’s happening in the Skinny Rich Coach world. Have a look through the site and let me know what you think! I’ve made everything clearer, easier to read and understand and one of the most [...]

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Hi, my friends consider me absolutely stunning and clever. I have a great job, lots of friends, very communicative and well-travelled. I’m not a typical dumb blonde type. The guy I have met is not so stunning, but is an extremely well–off businessman. My excuse was while most girls prefer going for looks, I am going for the comfortable lifestyle he was ready to give. He was really attentive, carrying things, sending me flowers, taking me on expensive holidays, calling me everyday etc. It really seemed to me he was the one [...]

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My finances are challenging and my friends don’t understand I’m not as rich as they are. Do I just tell them I can’t go to expensive restaurants or just go and work the cost out later? That’s what friends are for! To accept you the way you are. Unless of course, you want to be their friend simply to enjoy the type of lifestyle they have? I presume it’s a genuine question and genuine friends we are talking about here. In which case, you’ll need to work out how many and which [...]

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Do I always have to take my dates out to restaurants and movies? I don’t mind spending money on the right girl. But sometimes it takes more than a few dates to figure out whether I like the girl, or worse yet they disappear on me. I am a well-off guy, and I am generous, but sometimes I feel that girls are taking advantage of me and don’t show their true motives, or even if they like me. Any suggestions? Yes and plenty. For starters, where did you get the idea that [...]

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I am having an issue with a guy I met online about 7 months ago. I am absolutely in love and cannot stop talking about him. We meet around 3-4 times a week and we spend hours talking etc. We also have had sex. Everything seems to be amazing and I am extremely excited …… apart from the fact we haven’t been calling each other girlfriend /boyfriend and it hasn’t got to the “ I LOVE YOU “ stage yet. I am quite worried about it as I would want things to [...]

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