Every one of Olga’s sessions is individually-designed for each client and the work we do together is based on the aspects of your life that requires the most urgent attention.

You may only need one session or you can come once a week.

Taking a multi-faceted approach, otherwise known as ‘an holistic approach’, Olga suggests that in the same way scientists believe we only use 10% of our brains’ capacity, we only use certain aspects of our personalities and strengths at any given time. For example, in times of dire emergency, people have been known to summon the phenomenal strength to lift a car off a child, but that ability only manifests itself in such times. At all other times, that aspect of you remains dormant.

Equally, you may be an incredible teacher, firefighter, carer or scientist but there are some aspects of your life that you need to work on, and that’s where Olga comes in. You may be an amazing teacher, but are you or can you be an amazing, husband, wife or friend?

Many of Olga’s clients come to her with issues surrounding relationships and/or communication (usually the two are inextricably linked) but during the sessions she may identify that the issue isn’t with the person you thought it was with – of course it can be – but rather someone else whose influence was far more powerful than originally anticipated.

Whatever your issues are, Olga will find the solution. She will equip you with the tools you need realise your dreams and most importantly, she’ll allow you to recognise your core goals, needs and desires before being able to help others.

If you don’t know yourself well enough and you can’t express yourself fully, you are only half helpful or beneficial to others.


This is more illustrative than factual and it’s here to help you to set and manage your expectations rather than to go through a blow-by-blow account of your own specific session.

  • Meet & Greet – before we dive into the detail, we’ll spend five minutes or so chatting to build up a rapport with each other
  • Relaxation – we’ll do a short, five minute relaxation exercise to ensure that you are fully present when we get down to brass tacks

Dependent on what visual and mental pointers Olga picks up during the Meet & Greet and the Relaxation, you may start with Olga’s extremely powerful Silent Method. This is designed to sort out conflicts with issues such as shared interests, separation, family feuds and even inner conflict you may struggle with.

Alternatively, she may decide to use the Logic Method which is a dialogue-based question and answer session which last approximately one hour.

The likelihood is that you’ll get a combination of the two since you may have questions relating to the Silent Method. You may also face a ‘wall’ or a ‘block’ during the Logic Method, which leads back to the Silent Method, helping you to reconnect with your inner needs.

There are no ‘off the shelf’ solutions with Olga. Each client is unique and therefore, so are your sessions.

The next element is to create a summary of what you’ve discussed and to put into place a plan of action. This takes around 20-30 minutes and will not only leave you departing on a high, it leaves you with homework!

All sessions last 90 minutes but please allow an additional 30 minutes in case the session runs over. Alternatively, you can use it reflectively. You may want to sit in a café with a cup of coffee or go for a walk and think about what you’ve just been through.

During Olga’s sessions you’ll unravel a lot about yourself and it’s always useful to take some time out and process what you’ve done and most importantly, what you’re going to do before real life gets in the way again…

Pre-paid, non-refundable sessions are run via Skype, WhatsApp, on the phone or in person.


Congratulations, you have made the leap of faith to contact me and to start a collaboration that will transform your life. In your message, let me know what I can do for you and what changes you’d like to see in yourself and we will work hard to make it happen.

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