What does your social media life REALLY say about you?

Social media is everywhere. It’s all encompassing, but are you being true to yourself? Are you putting blocks in the way of your progress or happiness? What are you hiding from your partner, your colleagues or your friends? Are you being as honest as you should be?

If any of this rings true, it’s time to cut through the crap and discover what your social media life – and the online lives of potential business or romantic partners – are REALLY saying.


We use social media to socialise, to shout out the news (or our news and views), to interact and to portray a view of ourselves of how we want others to perceive us. We do it almost on instinct, to the point where the lines between reality and make-believe are increasingly blurry and we don’t realise just how much of ourselves we are sharing.

We have created a disconnect between our real selves and the idealistic version of who we are, sharing way more about ourselves than we are aware of.


The fundamental goal of social media reading is to re-evaluate who we really are and how we want to be perceived online. Sometimes we behave out of character and some posts may not truly represent who you are. We’ve all said things on the spur of the moment when we’re angry or frustrated but when you do it on social media it’s there for good and there’s nothing you can do about it. If someone wants to dig, it will be found.

When you are trying to position yourself in a particular light – whether it be for a job or a relationship – your social activity can often come back to bite you, highlighting the side of your character, however fleeting, you may not have wanted to share or you may not have ever wanted to see the light of day.

Social media reading can help you to see and change those unwanted aspects of your character, your personality or your business and you will then be able to adjust your posts so that you become true to how you really are, not a made-up, aggressive version that not everyone will take kindly to.

It can also help you to get new friends, increase business or find a partner; in fact it can help you improve all aspects of your life.

These readings are also beneficial when you are at a crossroads with your relationship. The daily grind can often blind us to the beautiful – or ugly – sides of people you date and who you are thinking of building a life with.

Check out these posts – on social media (!) – to see how effective it can be:

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I started doing social media readings in radio and media interviews for celebrities. The success rate was phenomenal and it’s now time I offer this unique service to my amazing clients.

The readings are done in the same way your sessions are, just shorter. All you need to do is contact me to book in your 30-minute slot for an overview of what your social activity, your business or your ‘person of interest’ is REALLY saying, not what you THINK they are saying.

The sessions are conducted in person from my office in SW1, via Skype or on the phone.

If you have any additional questions or you’d like a more in-depth analysis on elements of your social history, book an additional 15 minutes, taking your session up to 45 minutes.

It could turn out to be the most insightful 45 minutes you spend this year…

Congratulations, you have made the leap of faith to contact me and to start a collaboration that will transform your life. In your message, let me know what I can do for you and what changes you’d like to see in yourself and we will work hard to make it happen.

Include your name, email address and phone number and I will contact you to arrange our first session.

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