Happy New Year everyone! I know, I know, I’m a month late and it’s already February but I promise I’ve got a cast-iron excuse! As you’ll have read in every single magazine – women’s and men’s – this month and last, the start of the year is a time for a new you and they tell you to battle your demons, to do what you want to do and to take back control of your life but they are the same articles regurgitated year after year telling us the same stuff. The only person that can make that decision is you. Me? Well the New Year equalled a new life – literally. Read on to find out about the miracles of life, Valentine’s Day and the lost art of falling in love with yourself and all the goings on in the world of the Skinny Rich Coach…

It’s January! Yeah Baby!
Coming into 2016 with a new baby – yes, I had my gorgeous Luna – has given me a wake-up call and a firm stamp in my mind: There’s a brand-new life ahead of me.

Like a lot of you out there I’m not normally fond of change – especially life-altering change – but this one, for me, was different and most welcome. If you’ve struggled with infertility and not taken too kindly to IVF and eventually still managed to fall pregnant, you’ll know, as I do, how very special our babies are. Of course all babies are special, that’s never in dispute but when you are given the devastating news you’ll never have one and you then have one in your arms, you start to appreciate how miraculous life can be.

Having a baby has given my clients license to see me walk the walk and talk the talk where selfish parenting is concerned and I’m waiting for Loose Women to come knocking to check on my progress and I’ll let you know when they do! In the meantime you can read my updates on motherhood in my Huffington Post column here.

As well as my thoughts and feelings on being a new mum with all its struggles and achievements, dads are also emotional creatures and here’s an article just for dads, also on the Huffington Post, about your baby and your relationship. It’s a ‘must read…’

Book Sales = Increased Confidence

As I just went through a birth, my book ‘Increase You Confidence In One Day’ has gone through a rebirth. It just keeps selling. Not that I’m complaining you understand. Anyway, the press have picked it up again and I’ve done some magazine interviews. If I had to pick out my favourite from this recent press junket I’d pick the article from Saga Magazine as it addresses women. In the article it states that ‘the average woman criticises herself at least eight times a day according to a new study.’ Eight times? Isn’t that scary? If you can relate to that, please do not miss this article, you will want to read it.

It’s Selfish Time Again
Several magazines have asked me to remind their readers why it’s important to look after your own interests, especially if you are a natural leader and love organizing your life around you. You all know my motto by now; ‘selfish people know what they want and make the world go round!’ Why? Because when you know what you want and what your priorities are, you stick to your goals instead of blaming others for your misfortunes.

And when you become truly selfish, or as I like to call it, ‘free’, you will start to attract like-minded people and you’ll no longer appear selfish, you’ll appear happy, confident and a great team player.
If you’re feeling like you need to tweak your abilities, How To Be Selfish (And Other Uncomfortable Advice) will help you so, get the book now! It’s available on Kindle for under a tenner and it may be the shrewdest investment you’ll make this month.

St. Valentine’zzzzzzzzzz……..
Forget the date, the restaurant, the flowers and all that mushy stuff. Simply spend the day falling head over heels in love…with yourself. If you don’t love yourself, how can we be sure that you’re lovable?
Understand how valuable you and your body are. Evaluate your opportunities and think about how you overcome your struggles. Celebrate yourself.

Your date? Well that can easily be moved to another day. Besides, it’s much more attractive without a spurious saint ordering you to be romantic and without restaurants having ‘special Valentine’s Day menus’ which are just normal menus with 30% added to the price.

If you need any additional encouragement and motivation, I’ve dug up an old Cosmopolitan article that’s perfect for this time of year!

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On that note, it’s time to go. As always, my courses are available if you want to change your own life. It may well be the best call you ever make.

Olga – The Skinny Rich Coach