Your heart’s mission

Day 2: ALIGN
Masculine & feminine

Day 3: SHINE
Awaken to the integrity of your heart

Join a trio of heart-centred experts during the Valentine’s Day celebrations for three remarkably powerful days of transformation, healing and empowerment. This is one workshop you CANNOT afford to miss…

FUN FACT: Although Valentine was the name of a number of Roman Catholic saints, St Valentine’s Day is so named for a 3rd century martyr about whom very little is known. One theory is that when Emperor Claudius II decreed that single men made better warriors than men with wives and families and outlawed marriage for young men, Valentine – probably Valentinus – a priest, was so incensed he continued to perform marriages in secret. He was caught and executed.

The Latin, valens, means ‘strong, worthy and powerful’ and it’s time to put some ‘valens’ back into your heart.

Ladies, and gentlemen, your three Valentine Queens are:

Lorraine Flaherty – Transformational Therapist
Olga Levancuka – Life Counsellor
Alexandra Wenman – Founder of Precious Wisdom Healing Alchemy

Join them for a potent and energising workshop designed to heal and balance female and masculine energies and clear away limiting blocks. You will learn unique and proven empowerment techniques and awaken the true essence of your heart so you can step boldly and confidently into your divine purpose and live the happy and fulfilling love-filled life you’ve always dreamed of.

Day 1: 13th February 2017

Time: 9.30am – 12.00pm

Olga is straight talking, direct and to the point. She will begin the day by helping you acknowledge your current and most significant heart-related issues. No matter how small, seemingly insignificant or hugely painful they may be, you will acknowledge and address them all.

She believes these ‘bugging’ or ’nagging’ issues create blocks, preventing people from progressing with inner work which is essential for a healthy life. She sees material and spiritual issues as equally important when it comes to dealing with life’s challenges and is an expert at pinpointing the issues that need to be addressed.

Lunch: 12.00pm – 1.00pm

This is time to eat and interact. The free-flow of conversation can often lead to insights regarding blocks that you were unable to see for yourself.

1.00pm – 3.30pm

Lorraine, dubbed a ‘spiritual detective’ is tenacious and unyielding when it comes to finding the root cause of people’s issues. She will introduce a process she calls Inner Freedom Therapy with processes that range from being practical and grounded to esoteric and even multidimensional.

Her system allows people to identify glitches in their ‘inner programmes’, created from past experiences, so they can rewrite them and live happily in the present. She understands the operating system of the human mind and psyche and acts as a guide to get people on the right path so they can live their lives in the best and most rewarding way. She will share very simple, yet highly effective, tools and techniques that help master the mind and clear out your old, unwanted mental clutter.

Tea: 3.30pm – 4.00pm

You’re in London, you drink tea, simple. Here’s an opportunity to ask any questions you want the answers to.

4.00pm – 6.30pm

Alexandra, the gentlest one of us all, is a channel and spiritual alchemist who works with ancient wisdom, sacred symbols and healing energy with the help of some very loving guides. She will introduce to you her unique channelled system ‘Precious Wisdom Healing Alchemy’, which facilitates deep healing and provides you with everything you need to be able to face your challenges head on.

She recognizes the beauty and uniqueness of each soul and enables people to reconnect to the true essence of who they really are and where they are from, often connecting with aspects of the self and guides that have been hidden from view but are present nonetheless. Her guided meditations are powerful and deeply profound.

Day 2: 14th February 2017

It’s St. Valentine’s Day. A special occasion filled with loving energy which will enhance the healing work you are doing to your heart.

9.30am – 12.00pm

Olga’s focus will be on the feminine and masculine, the difference in approaches to the sexes and how, when imbalanced, they impact your life. Olga is on speed-dial when the press, online and broadcast media needs pieces about the issues that arise between men and women so you are in the very best hands possible.

As always with Olga, nothing is gentle and she will storm through your heart to the core of the issues. She will help you discover the steps you need to awaken to your hearts’ true integrity. Boy or girl, she will open your eyes to things about the masculine and feminine we promise you never knew….

Lunch: 12.00pm – 1.00pm

This is time to eat and interact. We encourage you to use this time to discuss any adjusted perceptions you may have acquired about the feminine and masculine with your fellow attendees.

1.00pm – 3.30pm

Glitches in the programmes emanate from current life events, especially from early childhood, but information is also passed down from ancestors – in our DNA – and from other lifetimes.

Lorraine will share with you how you can travel through time, using meditation and hypnosis, to learn more about who you really are, why you are here and how you can heal. You will start to understand more about what has been holding you back and equally as importantly why you have been held back, and you will find the tools you need to move on.

Tea: 3.30pm – 4.00pm

You’re in London, you drink tea, simple. Here’s an opportunity to ask any questions you want the answers to.

4.00pm – 6.30pm

Alexandra rounds off day two with a beautiful guided meditation best suited for the level of the group, designed to clear away any turbulence from the day. She will use her natural, intuitive abilities and gift of channelling to deliver helpful messages and advice that will provide you with further opportunities for healing, empowerment and self-development.

Day 3: 15th February 2017

10.00am – 1.00pm

Your three Valentine Queens will combine forces to provide the group with some essential tools and wisdoms to take out into the world. There will be an opportunity to ask questions, get clarification on the best ways to move forward and time for you to discuss discoveries related to you and your new and exciting plans for the future. There will be a closing meditation to end the day.

1.00pm – 2.00pm

You’re in London, you drink tea, simple. Here’s an opportunity to ask any questions you want the answers to.

Please Note: One-to-one sessions with the three trainers may be available at an additional cost. Please enquire at the end of the final session.

You will learn unique and proven empowerment techniques and awaken the true essence of your heart so you can step boldly and confidently into your divine purpose and live the happy and fulfilling love-filled life you’ve always dreamed of.



Lorraine Flaherty

Lorraine is an extraordinary transformational therapist. She teaches Accelerated Learning and Clinical Hypnosis to Midwives and Doctors in leading universities all over the UK including Oxford, Cambridge and UCL and she teaches Inner Freedom, Regression, Progression and the Between Lives Process internationally.

She trained with and worked as an assistant to Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP for many years, in addition to her busy practice in Central London she runs retreats in stunning spiritual locations around the world and has featured in magazines, on the radio and on TV.

Lorraine is the author of Healing with Past Life Therapy, and the Inner Freedom 1 & 2 CD set, published by Findhorn Press. She is also a director of the Past and Future Life Society.

She has a remarkable understanding of the human mind, psyche and soul and is tenacious when it comes to guiding people onto the right path and into living their best lives.

Alexandra Wenman

Previously editor of the UK’s longest-running mind, body and spirit magazine, articles by and about Alexandra have appeared in Spirit & Destiny, Chat, It’s Fate, Natural Health, Women’s Weekly and Kindred Spirit magazines and her first in a series of children’s books on the Archangels, entitled Dear Little Angels is out now.

Alexandra is a gifted channel and healer who has the ability to see into your Akashic Record to help you clear limiting beliefs, trapped emotions and contracts from other lifetimes, your ancestry and your genetic lineage. She works closely with your own personal guides and Angels to facilitate profound transformation on all levels of your being.

Alexandra is also the founder of cutting-edge new healing system Precious Wisdom – a powerful and empowering energy healing technique which assists in positive transformation through the process of ‘spiritual alchemy’.

Olga Levancuka

Olga’s passion for helping people led her to providing private sessions and incredible workshops and thanks to that success, she has carved out a fully-fledged media career. Her books are on national bestseller lists and her speaking events sell out in hours. Her ideas and opinions regularly appear in magazines and national newspapers including Grazia, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, Le Figaro, The Sun, The Guardian and The Evening Standard.

When it comes to understanding the complex challenges of modern relationships, Olga has the answers and, unlike the old ‘established’ ideas that no longer work, she delivers the powerful and effective results that both women and men seek.

Olga has a devoted following on social media and she is an author of bestselling ‘How to be Selfish, and Other Uncomfortable Advice’, ‘Increase Your Confidence In One Day’ and ‘The Draft: The Ill Society.’

You will learn unique and proven empowerment techniques and awaken the true essence of your heart so you can step boldly and confidently into your divine purpose and live the happy and fulfilling love-filled life you’ve always dreamed of.


“I worked with you recently and I am very happy to recommend your services. You have very strong rapport skills and you combine that with expert knowledge and flexibility of approach to get great results. I certainly found the time I spent with you was very worthwhile and I felt that you carefully matched your style and techniques so that they would work for me.”

“Olga is a first-class coach and a skilled practitioner of NLP techniques. Her energy and love of life is inspirational. Her empathy, skill and rare psychological insight during our exercises helped me achieve change that will permanently transform aspects of my life. Thank you Olga – it is a joy and a privilege to work with you.”

“Olga takes a very careful, meticulous and individual approach to each person and each problem. She will not let you go without achieving results. She is great working both with a group and face to face (I have attended workshops and taken 1-2-1 sessions), but I would recommend her face to face sessions. They can seriously help you to sort out your life, finances and vision of life especially!”

“With Olga’s help and advice, I have become very positive, not just because others can see a smile on my face; my soul is smiling all the time too! I am calmer than I was before and I have a good relationship with my 3-year-old daughter at last. Before our sessions I was suffering from depression and was always stressed out. Now I am a different person, my friends and family are really happy to see me in this condition. Thank you!”

Olga is clearly an expert in her field. Her coaching style is both honest and thoughtful and she is able to see straight to the problem which is holding someone back. I was able to get a huge amount of insight from just a consultation with Olga, which resulted in my business moving forward very quickly. I would wholeheartedly recommend Olga as a life coach.’

“It does exactly what it says on the tin!  Since doing two Dating trimesters I have dated only hot men who have successful careers.  I am pretty hot myself and kept wondering why I was attracting the wrong kind of men.  Through these sessions, I changed my whole attitude and my desires became a reality!”

“Over the course of the workshops, I couldn’t help becoming infected by Olga’s positivity and the lessons given. I now have to concede that her courses really made a difference. Olga and her courses really energized me to ‘get off my backside’ and change from a person who is full off ‘thoughts about actions’ to a person who ‘actions my thoughts’. Thank you Olga,”

“Olga’s teaching is unique from any source of information I have found in the library. She helped me realize that we all have exactly what we need already and that all we need to do is truly live in that belief so as to live our lives powerfully. Every day is a new day and therefore a new opportunity to live our lives greatly – no book from the library on a topic like ‘relationships’ or ‘money’ can give you that. Olga is a patient teacher and has inspired me to get whatever I want out of life and at the same time accept exactly where I am now, by living the present. You will understand when she coaches you. It’s a wonderful and fun learning experience.”

“Olga has a refreshing approach to Relationship Coaching. She is really professional and she has a very precise agenda from which you work your way around in a very effective and straightforward way. You will give birth to your new self very quickly, you will acknowledge all the points you will need to work on and you will have very clear objectives to work towards. Socrates would be proud of her work; it is a very uplifting experience. Thank you!”

“Previously, I thought I had a good and bad side but actually, you made me realize these are coping mechanisms which have the same goal, to make me happy. I now rethink my actions and try to understand my emotional state before acting. It will still take some work but I’m on my way. Thank you!”

“Olga is a very friendly, warm and confident person. Should you wish to reconnect with any of these characteristics of your inner self then Olga is the right person to show you how to achieve it!”









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